B2B leads generation – 4 important tips

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October 29, 2019
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B2B leads generation – 4 important tips

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You want to know what a sales lead is? Check out this article first: “What is a sales lead and how do we classify them?“.

Generating leads in the B2B sector (business-to-business) is not an easy art. In most cases, reaching companies potentially interested in our offer or service is more difficult than in the case of B2C.

It is necessary to implement the appropriate strategy in the company. Only then will we be sure that the effectiveness of obtaining B2B leads will be satisfactory.

Here are the most important tips and advices that make generating business leads (B2B) more effective.

Generating B2B leads – check our tips!

In order for the generation of sales leads to be effective, many mechanisms need to be implemented in the firm. Customer interest in a product is usually not enough.

Reaching decision makers in a given company is also very important. If we plan all activities in this area, we will certainly succeed quickly.

Pick your target – you can’t forget about it

Not only the way, but also our goal is important. The point is that before we start getting B2B leads, we should first ask ourselves the following question: “who is our potential customer?”

As a result, our campaigns will reach the right recipients. Precise targeting is the basis and key to success.

Then we will be sure that the funds spent on carrying out marketing activities have not been wasted.

We can think about what sector, industry or, for example, the size of the company we are interested in. It is also worth considering which specific person from our company structure our offer is dedicated to – it is not always the owner, sometimes the head of human resources or finance department may be more appropriate.

If you already know which companies you want to reach with your message, you should think about how to do it. At B2B, social networking websites, including Facebook and LinkedIn, prove to be extremely helpful. Nowadays, virtually every company has its profile on a minimum of one social networking site, so it will not be a difficult task.

We can have a lot of channels to reach – it depends on the target group which one we ultimately decide on. Email marketing, Google Ads campaigns and even via our website are also worth considering.

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Stand out from the competition

If we already know what client we want to acquire and what channels we can reach him, then we need to think about what we have to offer.

It is worth thinking what advantages distinguish our company from the competition and will be an incentive to use our services. An attractive price seems to be a big magnet, but in the case of B2B this is not so obvious. Is the price the most important for business customers? Not necessarily.

For many companies, price plays a secondary role. The most important for them is high quality services and good contact with the contractor. Business customers value high comfort, comprehensive services and full professionalism.

Ask for permission before sending an offer – it’s a priority!

Before we decide to send any of our leads, we should first ask him for permission.

Obtaining personal data over the internet today has many limitations. I am talking primarily about the GDPR regulation, which has become a nuisance for many companies.

According to the GDPR, personal data is today “information about an identified or identifiable natural person, in particular on the basis of an identifier such as name, e-mail address or telephone number”.

Having a lead, we also have personal data, which is associated with many obligations. The administrator must act in accordance with several principles – this is the principle of reliability, integrity and confidentiality, legal compliance, regularity, accountability, processing restrictions and minimization.

In addition, he must also secure them properly. Users who will be saved to our mailing database, for example, must know exactly what their rights are and what they agree to.

The company also has many disclosure obligations. All persons whose data has been obtained by the enterprise must be informed, among others about the administrator’s contact details, the specific purpose of data processing, the legal basis for their processing and the time of data processing.

One failure does not mean failure – warming your leads

If your first offer did not lead to sales, then do not immediately give up. You just have to try again. Perhaps he will visit our site again and be interested in some other proposal.

At this point it is worth mentioning remarketing, which can be an effective way to warm the lead. This is a special type of ad that targets specific groups of users (e.g., those who have already visited our site).

For this purpose, a variety of interesting tricks are increasingly used. One of them is also the creation of automatic welcome messages addressed to identified clients after his visits to the site.

In addition, it is also worth running cyclical programs tailored to a specific group of leads or clients. By acting in this way, we will strengthen relationships and increase their trust in our company.

Constant observation of the behavior of potential customers is also a way to avoid potential communication errors in the future.


As you can see, B2B lead generation must be based on a carefully planned strategy. Having a plan to acquire customers via the internet is standard today.

By implementing a good lead generation strategy, we have a guarantee that we will be able to attract as many business clients as possible. It is a continuous process that needs to be given enough attention.

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