Brand identity on the internet – don’t forget about these aspects

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Brand identity on the internet – don’t forget about these aspects

Identyfikacja wizualna w sieci, agencja full-serivce

Visual brand identification is one of the most important issues for any enterprise. Nowadays, a company without a good logo and professional visual identity on the Internet does not exist. In this article, we discuss the most important aspects of brand identity that you can’t forget. We invite you to read carefully!

Visual identity – what is that?

Visual identity (brand identity) is a way for the company to exist among customers. Creating an image on the internet is an absolute priority today. If visual identification is coherent, eye-catching, it will definitely have a strong impact on customers, contractors and all competition.

Experts point out that the company’s image emphasizes its character and position. These are all elements that make a given entity significantly stand out from the rest.

Corporate identity is essentially the entire corporate identity system (SIW for short) – these are all the markings that help you identify a specific company. The image on the Internet consists of the following elements:

  • logo,
  • company fonts,
  • website (design, graphics used, etc.),
  • consistent colors,design of graphic templates for social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).

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Logo design is the most important thing for starters

Among the most important elements that should be distinguished here, there is: logotype, photos and company fonts. Logo can also take a form of a signet.

It is worth knowing that the signet is a small graphic symbol associated with a company that does not contain text – one of the most popular signet is, for example, a bitten apple symbolizing the global electronic tycoon Apple.

The logotype, in turn, is the company name written in a characteristic, original font. The most popular logotypes include Google, Microsoft and Lenovo. Many companies have both logos and signets and use them interchangeably or simultaneously depending on e.g. the available space on the given advertising format.

To make the company stand out from the competition, it is also worthwhile to use an original, conspicuous font when designing the logo. Innovative, sophisticated company fonts are a very useful tool – you can use them not only for the logo, but also when creating online advertising messages using photos or short video clips in social media profiles. Thanks to this, the message created will be consistent and harmonious.

Making a logo is not easy. Therefore, it is worth entrusting this task to a professional marketing agency. The marketing agency – full service will prepare for us all the necessary elements depending on our expectations – fonts, logotype or all identification.

At the moment, a branding agency is an absolute priority for any company that wants to stand out with its unique visual identity on the Internet. The 21st century is a time of continuous digitization of society – therefore investing in a coherent visual identification and online marketing strategy is extremely important.

Without a wise implementation of branding rules, it’s hard to survive nowadays.

Website – graphic design is a priority

All companies that are looking for success these days must invest in developing their online presence. The basic thing, of course, is to create a website.

For a website to be willingly visited by Internet users, it must have not only valuable content, but also a coherent and eye-pleasing graphic design. The website must contain the quintessence of the mission, the basic goals of the company – but the most important thing is that these elements are presented to Internet users in a visually attractive form.

The branding agency will surely provide a number of tips on the optimal use of graphic elements on the site. It worth to find a agency that creates websites also.

Social Media

Social media is another element that plays an extremely important role for all modern enterprises that follows global trends. The company’s presence on portals such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube gives you the chance to reach your target group with your offer, products or services.

To achieve this goal, however, it is necessary to properly prepare the entire visual identification – it is best that the inserted photos and videos have each time some elements associated with the company (e.g. logo in the corner, advertising slogan, etc.).

Visual identification and brand identity are a must

A coherent marketing strategy emphasizing a harmonious visual setting guarantees that the company with its message will be able to reach a wide audience. A branding agency will help us to properly create the company’s brand identity on the Internet. The help of specialists in this area is invaluable.

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