What is Brand24 and how does the system work? Brand24.com opinions and review

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June 27, 2023
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What is Brand24 and how does the system work? Brand24.com opinions and review

Brand24 is one of the most popular tools for monitoring the web. It provides us with comprehensive reports on all public mentions of our company on the Internet. Proper use of the possibilities offered allows you to improve the image of your company on the Internet, increase customer confidence and also the level of sales.

Below is a full review of Brand24, in which we discuss its core functionality, advantages, disadvantages and opinions.

What is included in the article?

What is Brand24?

Brand24 is a specialized tool that allows us to monitor mentions of our company on the Internet in real time. Entrepreneurs who use the service receive real-time reports on which portals and in what light their company was mentioned.

brand24 review
Brand24 dashboard

Due to the fact that Brand24 offers real-time monitoring, as soon as we publish posts about our company, we are informed about it. Therefore, we can respond in real time to any kind of questions or constructive criticism from Internet users.

Responding in real time to Internet users’ posts makes it possible to effectively prevent potential image crises. At the same time, a brand’s customers will feel that they have an impact on its policies and that their requests and suggestions have been heard.

What is the tool used for?

As we mentioned earlier, Brand24 offers services in the broad field of real-time Internet monitoring. Recipients can check the current mentions of their company at any time of the day or night.

The short turnaround time of the reports makes it possible for business owners to react immediately to the dynamically changing situation and adapt the marketing strategy they are conducting to the behavior of Internet users. Using Brand24, it is possible to conduct a comprehensive audit on how the company you own is perceived online.

How does Brand24.com work?

Those who purchase access to Brand24.com services can independently determine which keywords are to be monitored as part of the monitoring. This means that a company using the Tool can monitor not only the content published about it, but also that relating to competitors. Depending on the plan chosen, you can get access to 4, 10, 30 or 90 keyword analysis per month.

Subscribers have to navigate the application on their own, but it is not difficult. The program is very easy to use and intuitive. The data presented is constantly updated, so service recipients have real-time access to the latest entries published all over the Internet about the companies or other organizations they own. If we have any difficulties with the operation of the panel, we can also contact consultants who are happy to share their knowledge.

Functions of the tool

The basic functions offered by Brand24 include:

  • Mentions stream. It gives you access to all currently published posts about a particular issue. It allows you to quickly see what customers are saying about the brand and to react if necessary.
  • Discussion rate. This function determines the number of mentions of a given keyword and the reach. It allows you to verify how often a particular company is talked about on the Internet and how many interactions are triggered by posts about it. Data can be compared on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
  • Filtering the results. If you are only interested in specific mentions of your company, you can easily specify which content you want to review.
  • Brand statistics. Professional metrics that make it easy to understand the trends of the monitored brand or keyword. Using this feature, it is easy to compare several brands.
  • Sentiment analysis. “It doesn’t matter how they talk, it matters that they talk”. – Many companies continue to operate according to this principle, resulting in extensive image crises. Using this feature, we can immediately see what the tone of the content published by Internet users is. Brand24 divides entries into positive, neutral and negative. If more negative content is noted, you can react quickly and avoid deterioration of customer relations.
  • Notifications. Subscribers can set notifications based on specific filters, such as only when posts appear in large numbers or on sites with a large reach.
  • Data export. Data collected by Brand24 can be easily exported to PDF, .xls or as an infographic.

Brand24 – price

brand24 pricing
Brand24 pricing
64 USD per month129 USD per month179 USD per month349 USD per month
Perfect for a small brand or general themeFor Small and medium-sized companies, agencies and other entities starting monitoringFor large companies, agencies and institutions for comprehensive monitoring of brand, competition and selected topicsFor large agencies, media houses and major brands

Brand24 review

Is it worth using Brand24? What are the opinions about this tool? Many entrepreneurs are asking themselves similar questions. In the table below we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the tool.

Brand24 is also getting great reviews from professional review sites, like from reSoftview. Full software review can be found here: https://resoftview.com/brand24-review/

Let’s check the pros and cons.

Quite high prices – especially for novice entrepreneurs who do not have a large budgetAccess all public postings about the company in real time
In the cheapest model, the results are updated only twice a dayAbility to receive notifications

Intuitive panel and simple operation

Consultant support if you have problems using the software

Ability to test the functionality of the application for free for 14 days

Brand24 categorizes posts published on a given issue into neutral, positive and negative, which makes it easier to take appropriate action

You do not need to sign a contract to use the services

Brand24 opinions

For the purpose of this article, we carefully checked the mentions published by existing customers about Brand24. Most of the published posts on thematic forums were positive. Entrepreneurs satisfied with the service emphasized that the tool allows for ongoing analysis of how our company is perceived on the Internet. Quite a few also pointed out that a big advantage of the tool is the possibility to test its capabilities for free during the 14-day trial period.

brand24 opinions
Brand24.com opinions

Free trial

The tool offers all interested parties a completely free 14-day trial period, during which you can test all the basic functionality of the software. If you cancel during this 14-day period, you will not have to pay any fees. You can create a free account with Brand24 by clicking on the button below:

Brand24 – alternatives

These are the most popular alternative network monitoring tools.

If you liked this review, be sure to check out our review of the tool Woodpecker.

There are quite a few companies offering web monitoring and social listening services. Some of the best-known Brand24 alternatives include:

  • Hootsuite,
  • Mention, 
  • SentiOne,
  • Google Alerts.
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