Buzz marketing campaigns – is it worth it?

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Buzz marketing campaigns – is it worth it?

Buzz marketing campaigns Poland

Nowadays, marketing is one of the most important tools that every entrepreneur should use. The wise use of all its strengths can allow us to significantly increase our market position and profits.

To stay ahead of the competition, you need to constantly invest in advanced advertising on the web. Positioning alone today may not be enough.

In this article, we check what exactly is buzz marketing and whether it is still worth using it in 2019.

Buzz marketing – what is that?

Buzz marketing is a type of marketing that is becoming more and more popular with the development of the internet every year. Some people call it whisper marketing or  It consists in the fact that we try to reach the largest possible number of users with their content through various online discussions.

There are two ways to conduct buzz marketing activities: you can operate explicitly with the brand ambassador or implicitly using regular user accounts (in some cases they are fictitious – they are created only in connection with marketing activities).

The recommendation of the other person plays a really important role for customers, which means that the advantages of buzz marketing are appreciated by thousands of entrepreneurs.

As research shows, as many as 9 out of 10 consumers when choosing a product pay attention primarily to the opinions and recommendations of other people, while only 14% of the surveyed people are guided by advertising only.

When creating activities of this type, you must always remember to initiate all discussions naturally. With buzz marketing, you can achieve an extremely important effect – spontaneous conversations of random customers about our products or services.

Marketers task is only to stimulate discussion. While creating buzz marketing, procedures are often used to promote the products, provoke natural website traffic, and include links (this is a way to increase website position).

However, it should be remembered that this type of action should be carried out sensibly – otherwise customers consider this as intrusive advertising, and Google will consider our action as illegal positioning.

Buzz marketing campaigns Poland

How to implement buzz marketing?

In order to efficiently implement actions within the buzz marketing, it is not enough to enter any forum and create a thread titled “Company X is the best in …” – such an action can only have the opposite effect. The administration will immediately recognize this as spam and the entry will be deleted quickly.

All marketing activities in this area must be carried out in a responsible, reasonable and natural way – this will be acknowledged by any buzz marketing agency. All posts must be prepared in advance and carefully considered their message.

Below are some of the most important principles that should be followed when implementing a company’s actions:

  • before implementation on any forum, we must have a few “ordinary” posts in history – then the risk that someone will recognize us as a spammer will be much lower,
  • it is worth helping the users gathered in the discussion forum, not just selling them our services,
  • each post must be consistent with the topic of the forum and department,
  • it is much better to take part in a started discussion threads than to create new ones,
  • it’s not worth adding links in all posts,
  • if we add a link it should look naturally,
  • in the case of linking, we add a post that matches the topic of the topic,
  • you must not cheat or mislead in your posts.

Buzz marketing is a way to increase market position and trust among customers

Buzz marketing can be carried out on discussion forums, blogs and social networking sites. If the campaign is moderated in the right way, we will certainly achieve our goals.

However, you must remember to initiate a discussion on some important topic for the community first. Only later can we gently write some information about a company, product or service.

In the event that from the very beginning we will push people to buy some goods, our actions will not bring any positive results. We strongly recommend that you also act in a moral and honest manner when implementing word of campaign.

You must not criticize or defame the competition. Detailed information on the principles of buzz marketing can be found in the Word of Mouth Marketing Association Code of Ethics. Every buzz marketing agency should know those principles.

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