Google Ads – a huge amount of advertising opportunities

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Google Ads – a huge amount of advertising opportunities

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Google Ads is a Google advertising system. It enables the implementation of all advertising forms. We are talking about solutions such as:

-search campaign and graphic ads (search advertising and display ads),
-remarketing (repeated advertising message for people who visited the page),
-video ads (format displayed eg on the beginning of YouTube videos),
-product listing ads (ads displaying photos of products already on the search page),
-advertisements in the application (ads included in smartphone applications).
As you can see, the opportunities offered by the Google Ads system are really a lot. Below we want to introduce you to those related to search engines.

Keywords decide about your success

What are keywords? These are queries that are entered in Google to find specific information. Keywords allow you to link your campaign with potential buyers. If potential clients of a company involved in the sale of trekking shoes like hiking, it is worth adding keywords related to active spending of time. Google works in a very intuitive way: it searches for pages containing keywords and potential recipients who will be interested in the content.

The keyword system created by Google may work in several ways – depending on the settings chosen by the customer, advertisements may be displayed to internet users based on the current browsing history or other factors. Types of keyword matches:
-broad – this kind of match causes Internet users to display ads for expressions similar to those defined in the campaign. We are talking about synonyms and about different inflectional forms;
-broad with the modifier + – the keywords equipped with “plus” are very intuitive – the advertisement is always displayed when the user uses the word with which we set the plus. For example: we add to the campaign the phrase + hairdresser Bydgoszcz. Our advertisement will be displayed to all who are looking for the word “hairdresser”;
-phrase match – in this type of match the advertisement is displayed in the case when the phrase entered by the user contains the phrase we have created;
-exact – this is the kind of match in which the advertisement will be displayed only when the password entered by the user is identical to the keyword we have set or very similar (e.g. a close variation).

If you decide to start a campaign on the Google Search Network, you should also know that you can divide your search results into two basic types:
-free – the order in which they appear depends on the optimization of the page, the keywords entered by the user, and so on. The results of this type are always under paid results
-paid – these are the results on the first page when you enter the right keyword

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Remarketing, or targeting people interested

Remarketing is becoming more and more popular. There is a good reason. It allows you to direct advertising to people who visited our website and watched our products. Thanks to cookies that each site can collect, it is possible to display personalized advertising content to Internet users depending on what activities they have done on the site. The ads are then displayed on Google partner sites. Remarketing campaigns can be viewed in the following areas:
-search network (in this case the rates are adjusted to specific groups),
-network (targeting ads to specific lists).

The benefits of a search campaign

Search campaigns have a number of benefits. Thanks to them, it is possible to reach a significant number of users who are looking for specific products or services. This fact is confirmed by hard data: the daily number of Google users is 13 million, and the number of passwords searched for each day is 150 million. In Google campaigns, we independently set the budget we want to spend on advertising – we can start even from several hundred zlotys per month. It is not without significance that Google can also boast of a very advanced keyword matching system. Thanks to this, anyone who decides on an advertising campaign can be sure that the tool will facilitate it and even help it. The fact that text ads are very important for the American giant is indicated by the advanced features used to create them.

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