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How to get new customers on the web?

jak pozyskiwać klientów w internecie
Owning your own business is a dream come true for many people. However, it is worth realizing that economic activity is also a whole bunch of obligations. One of the most important problems for any beginner entrepreneur is acquiring customers. Company cannot exist without customers. How to acquire customers? What to do to quickly gain their trust? We answer all these questions in this article.

First of all: good visibility on the web

In the 21st century, every company that wants to achieve market success must invest as much as possible in its online presence. Good internet visibility is an absolute priority. Each of us is looking for various products and services, usually through the Internet.

A company without a website in 2020 practically does not exist for most of Polish consumers. However, our company’s website cannot be “ordinary” because it will die among thousands of other, meaningless websites. Responsiveness is an absolute must.

The responsiveness of the website makes it eye-friendly, and using it does not cause any problems or difficulties. You can fully use all the possibilities of the device on which we display the page. It doesn’t matter on which device the page is viewed – the computer, smartphone or tablet, because it looks equally attractive on each one of them.

The responsive website adapts perfectly to the browser. This is an extremely important, because we currently have a fairly large selection of browsers. Adjusting the size of all page elements means that the page will display correctly on both Opera, Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

An additional advantage of responsive websites is the fact that they load much faster for users. Page loading time is very short. It is also worth knowing that the Google algorithm favors responsive pages – places them higher in search results.

Another thing that the owner of a new business should never forget about is adding a business card to Google Maps. It is extremely simple and at the same time will provide us with much more recognition among potential customers. It does not cost a penny, and the number of benefits that is associated with the presence of our company on Google Maps is really huge.

Social media is power

Every entrepreneur who wants to attract the widest possible range of clients should also be active in various social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat and even TikTok!

Today, social networking sites are a real power – average internet users spend up to several hours a day on them. Facebook or Instagram can be used to promote your business. Thousands of potential customers are waiting for us there!

Due to the fact that there are currently many popular social media sites, it is worth setting up a company profile on a minimum of several of them. You should carefully consider the ways you will acquire new customers.

It is also important that the content on individual profiles do not duplicate. For example: on Facebook you can post the most important curiosities about our company and organize competitions, on Instagram you can post interesting photos illustrating individual aspects of our business, and on Snapchat share videos with clients.

When creating a social media strategy, keep in mind that getting in touch with potential customers is the most important thing. A good idea is to use, for example, real time marketing – this can provide us with huge ranges, which in the long run will certainly translate into greater profits.

In social media, you can also promote the company’s services in various groups related to our company’s profile. For example, when we run a company offering transport and removal services, you can promote yourself on groups dedicated to the residents of a given city. A good solution is also to respond to posts of people looking for a reliable company to handle removals.

In order to increase brand awareness and the number of customers, it also pays to invest in video image campaigns on YouTube. For this purpose, you can use the Google Ads system. When preparing image advertising campaigns, you must always keep in mind to create a catchy, eye-catching slogan that will be remembered by our company’s potential customers.

High quality services always pays off

If the company we run provides high quality services to our clients, sooner or later it will become one of the leaders in a given industry. High quality services always pay off. Satisfied customers will certainly share the word about our company with their friends and family.

finding customers on the web marketing chart

Acquiring leads on the web

To gain a wide range of customers, you also need to skillfully acquire leads. For this purpose, it is worth placing a form on our website for people interested in our offer.

Email marketing in 2020 is still of great importance and is characterized by extremely high efficiency. When creating email marketing campaigns, always remember to personalize the messages you send – then their effectiveness will be much higher.

For our website to have a sufficiently high number of views and unique users, it is necessary to position it correctly. Website positioning is a concept that means a series of actions aimed at increasing the position of our website in Google search results by entering relevant key phrases.

For example: when our company is an event company operating in Poland our website must have keywords such as: “Polish event company”, “organization of events in Poland, etc.” – then the chance that our website after entering these words by internet users in the search engine will appear high in the search results, significantly increasing. Google also rewards those websites that are constantly updated, so it’s worth remembering to post new, themed entries on our company blog as often as possible.

Acquiring customers for the company – the most important is regularity

In acquiring customers for the company, consistency is the most important thing. All our activities must be carefully planned – then we will be sure that our business goals will be achieved in a timely manner.

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