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February 25, 2020
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April 6, 2020
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How to position a website by yourself?

website positioning by yourself seo tactics

Independent positioning of the website – is it possible? Such a question is asked by many people who have recently had their own website.

It turns out that many activities related to website positioning can be done independently. How to position a website yourself? The answer to this question is in this article.

Content is a king – valuable content is an absolute priority!

Without valuable, eye-catching content, our website will never be high in Google search results.

One of the most important issues you should never forget when positioning a website is to create a blog with valuable content. Experts emphasize that “content is a king” – there is a lot of truth in this statement.

What exactly does this mean? That Google filters most appreciate those pages that contain original content that has not been copied from other sites. The better, the more eye-catching the content of a blog, the greater the chance that it will be at the top of the search list.

In addition, it should be remembered that sites that are constantly updated are also awarded.

How to find inspiration and motivation to systematically insert new entries? For example, tracking posts published on websites that are thematically related to our blog is a very good solution. It’s definitely best to watch foreign page to get inspiration.

A great inspiration can also be any comments posted by users of our site. It was created for them, so their comments and suggestions should always be taken into account when creating new content.

Key phrases for positioning – how to choose them?

Keywords are extremely important for positioning our website. If we don’t keep them in mind when creating content for a blog, we may have a big problem getting a high position in Google search results.

When our site will be in the top ten search results, then the chance that an Internet user will be interested in it will increase significantly.

Key phrases can be divided into several categories:

  • General – such keywords are made up of one or two words. They refer to the general name of the product or phenomenon. Under no circumstances should positioning be based only on this category of keywords, because success can be very difficult due to the huge competition;
  • Keywords with a long tail – these are phrases consisting of more than two words. They describe specific products and phenomena in detail. It is worth remembering about them, because they give a good chance to increase our site’s position in search results;
  • Problematic – these are keywords that describe various problems faced by Internet users. The vast majority of Internet users in this situation enter the phrase “does not work” in the search engine. It is worth checking what Internet users are most often looking for in this respect in order to be able to offer them valuable content that will help them solve their problem;
  • Industry – type of keywords related to a specific industry.

Business card in Google maps

In today’s world, a company that is not on the Internet, for the vast majority of people practically does not exist. For this reason, all entrepreneurs who want to increase the number of customers can never forget to add a business card to Google maps.

It is extremely simple and at the same time will provide us with much more recognition. It’s free, and the number of benefits that results from presence in Google maps is almost unlimited.


Activity on social media and on internet forums

Social networking is power. To keep in touch with our company’s readers or clients, it’s worth creating a profile on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

According to official Google messages, social media traffic has no effect on SEO, but in reality it is. Of course, social linking does not directly translate into a higher position of our website in Google search results, but indirectly so. The more traffic on our website, the greater the Internet users’ involvement in various activities, and this already has impact on positioning.

Promoting the company in social media in 2020 is an absolute priority!

The company representative should also closely watch all forums thematically related to the company’s profile. Sharing knowledge in forums and subtle advertising of a company can also bring a number of benefits.

Updated site and technical optimization

The website we run must be constantly updated – Internet users must have access to checked and reliable information. The systematic placement of valuable content has a very positive effect on SEO, so keep this in mind.

In addition to key phrases and systematic publication of content, we must not forget about the good technical condition of our website.

Google’s algorithms pay special attention to whether a given page is responsive and fast. Responsiveness is that the website is adapted to both desktop computers and mobile devices (adapts itself to the display).

Another extremely important technical issue is the page loading quickly. The faster it turns on, the more Google algorithms will appreciate it.

You need help? Report to freelancers or a professional marketing agency

SEO really consists of a whole bunch of different factors, which is why for many laymen in this field, positioning alone can be too difficult.

Currently, there are many specialized marketing agencies that help in positioning websites.

Professional positioning will also be provided by freelancers – their services are usually much cheaper.

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