Is it worth to invest in online advertising and what is the cost of online marketing?

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Is it worth to invest in online advertising and what is the cost of online marketing?

online marketing campaigns the costs

Internet advertising in 2019 is one of the best ways to increase the visibility and profits of the company. In recent years we have been observing the phenomenon of a significant drop in the performance of the poster or leaflet campaigns. Online marketing costs are not as big as people suppose.

The web is today a place where it is worth pointing out the presence of your company – it gives you a much better chance of success for your business. In the article below, we answer the questions of how much online marketing costs and why it is worth to invest in it.

Internet advertising – why is it worth it?

Any company that wants to achieve high results must sooner or later invest in online advertising. Online advertising services are much more effective nowadays than traditional forms of advertising.

What is their advantage? It results mainly from the fact that when directing advertising messages on the Internet, we are not limited by any geographical or temporal barriers.

This means that each company can direct its advertising message to any target group residing in any place in the world at any time. It is much easier to establish long-term relationships with clients away from the company on the Internet than using traditional forms.

In addition, targeting such advertising messages are cheaper. If a given company wants to advertise its services using traditional advertising channels, such as radio or television, it has to deal with many technical difficulties and high costs. The cost of internet marketing is much lower.

the cost of digital marketing campaigns

Why advertising on the web instead of traditional marketing?

Another argument for online advertising is the lack of time limits. All potential customers have access to our offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, online campaigns are displayed for exactly the time you specify.

Therefore, we can precisely plan individual advertising activities. In the case of hanging traditional advertising banners when the matter gets complicated – you need to spend a huge amount of time and money to hang them. Therefore, online marketing costs are much lower.

The next advantage of online advertising is the fact that when creating an online advertising campaign, we can carefully select the target group. The designed message will go to a carefully selected segment that will probably be interested in our services.

At this point, of course, you have to mention that the Internet gives us a wide range of e-marketing tools available to promote your brand. Among them, there is, for example, the Google Ads system (PPC campaigns), email marketing, SEO positioning, content marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, and social media.

Of course, the range of selected tools should be adapted to the individual situation of each company. For example, Google Ads is a service that allows you to place ads on Google. When you enter your chosen keywords, Internet users see in the first result a link to the website of our company. Advertising on social media might be also very effective – you can add advertisements to most relevant targeted groups, and also organize a series of promotional campaigns.

Active and systematic work on creating profiles on social networks can also change into profits in the long-term perspective and positive relations with clients.

Advertising campaigns – online marketing costs

What is the cost of online marketing? Below we present the average rates for individual services. A lot depends on the business profile and company goals, the business objective or for example from the number of phrases to be positioned.

  1. Website development – the exact price depends on its size and the functionalities used. The cost can be as much as 200$ for a simple one-page site.
  2. Google CampaignsAgencies often specify the cost based on the budget the customer wants to spend on advertising. It ranges from 10 to 30%, depending on its size. For example, a client that has a 1000$ budget pays from 100 to 300$ fee.
  3. SEO campaigns – here the price of positioning can be very different – it is possible to run a campaign with a 100$ budget or even with a 10.000$ budget. It depends on the time of work and on costs (eg buying sponsored articles on portals). On smaller budgets, it starts with content. It is worth to do an SEO audit first and then you can proceed to optimization.
  4. Social media – it depends on the number of posts, additional tasks (eg replying to messages, improving the profile, etc.). The cost of social advertising may be similar to Google Ads (10-30%).
  5. E-mail marketing – usually, the price depends on the number of e-mails sent. However, this is one of the cheapest channels (if the client has a database). The cost may vary from several hundred to several thousand.

Some agencies also use the form of pricing for an hour of work – then the cost is on average 20-80$ per hour.

Campaigns on the web can guarantee success

Internet advertising significantly increases the chances of a company’s success on the internet. At the moment, any enterprise that wants to achieve high results must take care of internet marketing. The internet agency will help us with this. Without this, the chances of dominating the competition are very low. The pricing might be also lower when you pick a polish marketing agency.

If you invest in online marketing for the first time, you should start by testing the effectiveness of individual channels on smaller budgets. Of course, the desired effect of advertising activities can take different forms – for some companies it will increase profits, while for others it will increase the recognition among consumers. A well-thought-out marketing plan is a foundation.

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