What is Landingi and how does the system work? Landingi.com feedback and review

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What is Landingi and how does the system work? Landingi.com feedback and review

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Preparing a landing page, or landing page, on your own can be extremely expensive and time-consuming – especially if you don’t have programming expertise. Fortunately, there are modern solutions on the market that allow you to create an original page in a few minutes at a low cost. This is, of course, about page builders.

Among the most popular landing page creators is Landingi. The platform offers more than 300 landing page templates at attractive prices. Below is everything you need to know about Landingi.com.

What is included in the article?

What is Landingi.com?

Landingi is a special platform that allows you to create, edit and report on landing pages (interchangeably: landing pages) also known as landing pages. At Landingi.pl we will find not only the tools necessary to create landing pages on our own, but also solutions to facilitate the design and implementation of pages on our site.

At the moment the catalog of editable templates is more than 300, so finding the right one should not be a problem at all. No matter which template we choose, we always have the possibility to edit all its basic elements using an intuitive editor.

The advantage of landing page templates from Landingi.com is that all pages are responsive. This means that they display very well on all types of devices – both on computers, smartphones and tablets.

landingi.com review
Landingi.com review – main page

What are landing pages (landing pages) for?

Landingi.coml is used to prepare landing pages, or landing pages. Landing pages are a special type of sites that present, for example, detailed information about the products or services offered and also obtain information about interested customers. Statistics show that a properly designed landing page can increase the conversion rate by up to several tens of percent.

Landing pages can be used for, among other things:

  • signing up interested people for newsletters,
  • collecting offers from interested parties,
  • offering coupons and special discounts,
  • selling products or services,
  • conducting recruitment,
  • registering users,
  • promote events organized by the company.

As you can see, the number of possible applications of landing pages is really quite large. However, you need to keep in mind that the visual side of the page is a prerequisite for the information presented on the page to arouse interest among Internet users. It is precisely thanks to the Landingi.com wizard that the preparation of a landing page will be much simpler. Even people who do not have specialized knowledge of programming will manage to use this tool.

If you want to see for yourself what possibilities the tool offers, we encourage you to test the 14-day trial period. This will give you a completely free landing page creator.

Tool functionalities

Landingi offers a plethora of functionalities that allow you to create a fully responsive and visually appealing landing page. The most important functionalities of Landingi.com are:

  • More than 300 templates to choose from. The company emphasizes that all available templates are designed to contribute as much as possible to increasing conversions. Landing page templates from Landingi.co.uk are fully editable, so you can customize them according to your needs.
  • Intuitive drag & drop editor. To create a landing page using Landingi.pl’s wizard, you don’t need any knowledge of programming or deisgn. This wizard comes with a drag & drop editor. All you have to do is select and drag the desired element, and then place it in a spot on the template.
  • Smart Sections. Individual sections of a landing page can be saved as smart sections and then added to many different pages. A change made in one section will automatically appear in all other sections, guaranteeing time savings.
  • Responsiveness. All templates from Landingi.co.uk are fully responsive, so they look equally good on both computers and mobile devices.
  • Ability to add additional HTML/CSS. If we need more options for editing the landing page, we can add selected pieces of HTML and CSS codes. Our page will then be even more original.
  • Pop-ups, or pop-ups. Pop-ups make it easier to arouse interest among Internet users visiting a page. Pop-ups can be designed directly in the wizard window and then inserted into your landing page.
  • Free images and icons. The library offers a huge number of free images and icons that you can add to your site.

Landingi price

At Landingi.com, we have three packages to choose from: Agency, Automate and Create. Their characteristics along with the price list are presented below.

landingi.com pricing
Best to check the solution and the toolFor entrepreneurs and local businesses that want to build high-converting landing pages, run effective campaigns and gather more leadsFor agencies, integrators and resellers who want to expand their offerings and achieve more in cooperation with customers
0 PLN net per month free version trail187 PLN net per month (when paying in advance for 12 months)499 PLN net per month (applies to upfront payments for 12 months)

The full price list can be found here: Landing Pricing

Landingi – review

Is it worth taking advantage of the offer? What are the pros and cons of this wizard? We have summarized the pros and cons of Landingi in the table below.

PriceA large number of templates (more than 300)
Sometimes pages update lateAbility to edit templates
Hardly intuitive option to add custom codeA large number of functionalities

Access to a free image bank


Opportunity to test the service for free within 14 days

Smart sections that can be copied and added to different landing pages

To use the wizard, you do not need to have specialized programming knowledge

Landingi opinions

Are the opinions of landingi.com among website owners positive? For the purpose of this article, we traced the topic forums and observed that the vast majority of reviews are positive.

Users emphasized that the tool is a great solution for people who do not have programming expertise, but would like to design a landing page at a relatively low cost.

A common opinion about Landingi.com was that it is a solution that offers a very large number of fully editable and responsive templates. Quite a few people chose this wizard because of the large number of available functionalities.

landingi.com opinions
Opinion about landingi.com

Free landing page creator – trial

Each of the three plans described above begins with a 14-day trial period. This means that during the two-week period we have the opportunity to test the possibilities offered by this platform completely free of charge. If we cancel during this period, we will not have to pay any costs. You can create an account by going from the button below. This is how you will check out the completely free landing page creator in full functionality.

Landingi.com – alternatives

Competition in this market is quite large, so you can easily find offers of alternative landing page creators on the Internet. The most popular alternatives to Landingi.com are:

  • Leadpages,
  • HubSpot,
  • GetResponse,
  • Ucraft,
  • Wishpond,
  • Instapage,
  • Lander,
  • Unbounce. 

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