Online marketing trends in 2020 – what will change?

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Online marketing trends in 2020 – what will change?

online marketing new trends in 2020 year

Internet marketing has been growing at an extremely fast pace for several years. A company that in today’s world does not build its position on the Internet has a much lower chance than its competitors.

Today, the Internet is a power worth investing in. Only a few years ago it was completely different. Few companies had their own website or profiles on social networks.

Few entrepreneurs also made sure that their sites were properly positioned in the search engine. Check out the online marketing trends in 2020.

Online marketing – the most important trends for 2020

Over the past few years, the algorithms used by internet search engines have changed dramatically. Websites are now designed completely differently, while social media has allowed many entrepreneurs to quickly and efficiently reach a huge number of potential consumers.

Every experienced entrepreneur is well aware of the importance of constantly adapting his activities to current trends in online marketing.

Below we discuss the most important marketing trends that will apply in 2020.

SEO trends in 2020

Every year, search engines are becoming more and more adapted to the needs of various groups of users due to artificial intelligence. In 2020, Google will continue to place great emphasis on increasing queries directly in the SERP and the number of voice queries.

In addition, Google wants pages that appear in search results to be of the highest quality. The fight against “fake news” is to be strengthened, which will increase the quality requirements for websites. Sites that continue to ignore the global tycoon standards will be excluded from search lists.

In 2020, it will be even more difficult to get to the top of search lists. To be able to compete for a decent place in search results, the absolute minimum is to offer your readers credible, specialized, understandable and friendly texts.

This is not all, of course. To gain the highest position, you should not forget to run a number of other optimization activities.

trends in online marketing in 2020

Effective email marketing in 2020

Without emailing, achieving your dream position in many industries is a very difficult task. The most important advantage of email marketing is the ability to run campaigns specifically for subscribers (people who know your business).

People who have already interacted with our brand in the past will decide much faster to use our services again. Customer retention is much cheaper than acquiring a new one.

All data show that e-mailng is still a profitable investment, which is why you cannot forget about it when conducting marketing activities in 2020.

However, it should be remembered that all e-mail marketing campaigns in 2020 should be implemented in a responsible and effective manner. Users’ data must be processed in accordance with the regulations and the GDPR, because otherwise we may face unpleasant legal consequences.

Personalization of advertising messages

Personalization has been one of the most important trends in the online marketing industry for several years. Companies that care about achieving the greatest financial results and building brand awareness among consumers, put the most emphasis on creating personalized advertising messages.

By matching ads to the preferences and needs of the client, the chance that he decides to buy the products or services we offer will increase significantly.

In 2020, personalization will enter an even higher level – it will be based not only on demographic data and daily habits, but also on the use of artificial intelligence.

An investment in interactive content will pay off in 2020

Internet users nowadays appreciate interactive content. As all statistics indicate, as many as 91% of users search for interesting visual and interactive content.

It is conditioned primarily by the fact that such content stands out and attracts attention. In addition, thanks to such content, you can keep users on your site for longer.

Another argument for investing in interactive content is the fact that images and videos are shared by Internet users much more often than traditional ones. If our content is sent, it directly increases brand awareness among potential customers.

Power of chatbots

In 2019, many entrepreneurs appreciated the advantages of chatbots. Thanks to chatbots, readers can quickly get a range of information of interest to them.

This technology is extremely useful because it allows quick contact with the customer. According to many experts, 2020 will be “chatbot time”. It is estimated that brands will spend even more funds on implementing and improving this technology over the next 12 months.

Chatbots are used in an infinite number of industries. You can use them to order pizza, take out insurance, or subscribe to a cellular network.

Very many companies give their clients the opportunity to use chatbots both on their websites and on profiles maintained on social networks.

However, many of them do it incorrectly because they forget about optimization. In this way, the potential of this tool is wasted. If the chatbots are structured correctly, thanks to them you can relieve many employees who can devote themselves to other responsibilities.

However, of course, keep in mind that no technology can ever match a professional customer service department. When building a chatbot, always remember to offer appropriate answers that will provide the customer with valuable information.

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