Search engine or display campaign? Which type of campaign to choose in Google Ads?

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July 31, 2018
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Search engine or display campaign? Which type of campaign to choose in Google Ads?

responsywna strona internetowa

Efficiently carried out advertising campaign of the store or internet portal can certainly guarantee the achievement of success. In the article below we will present you two most popular forms: digital display one and campaign based on the search engine. If you are interested in information related to Google Ads campaigns, then thanks to this reading your knowledge will be significantly expanded. We invite you to read.

Display campaign – what is it?

A display ad is simply a graphic ad. It can be made of various types of advertising banners that are displayed on internet portals. Each banner can have almost any dimensions selected. These types of ads are displayed in various places on the website and it is one of the oldest forms for advertising on the web. Currently, it still has considerable popularity. This is due to a number of advantages that it has. If we decide on a display campaign, we will effectively build the company’s image or brand awareness on the Internet in an effective way. As you know, most people are visuals. Therefore, properly designed banners (best are dynamic nowadays) give us unlimited possibilities to advertise our services. Additionally, when the banner used by the company uses a uniform image line, which will be well correlated with the brand, it will certainly result in great results.

An additional advantage of display campaigns is that they provide sales stimulation. I am talking mainly about CPC models (we pay only when someone clicks the banner), which with a well-planned budget may ensure a very large reach. There is also a function thanks to which it is possible to track transactions made by customers. Thanks to this, we know what percentage of people who visited our website through a specific banner, was actually interested in our offer.

For display campaigns, we have three types of basic payment models to choose from.

display google ads

The already mentioned CPC, Flat Fee, and CPM. Below is their short description:

  • Flat Fee – this is a model based on daily emissions. Its characteristic feature is the simplicity and convenience of use. Payments are made only for broadcasts at a given daily rate. This type of model is recommended primarily for awareness campaigns;
  • CPM – this model is based on billing for every thousand views of our advertisement. Like Flat Fee, it is more often used in awareness campaigns;
  • CPC – it has been briefly described above. We settle for clicks on banners. It is a model in which we pay for the effects achieved (e.g., moving to our landing page).

Search engine campaign

The most popular company that offers the possibility of a search campaign is, of course, Google. It offers a service called Google Ads. The advertiser is given the option to display his ads in the search results. He selects keywords and links them to the websites he owns. Such advertisements usually consist of two headings, up to 30 characters long and a text field of up to 80 characters long. It can also have some additional extensions – like for example a one with the phone number. The biggest advantage of a search engine campaign is the fact that we reach people directly interested in our product or service.

Which type of campaign to choose in Google Ads?

Those who think that Google offers only search engine ads are wrong. This company offers both text and display ads. In addition, you can also buy video ads in it. How is this possible? Google is the owner of not only the world-famous search engine but also the most popular video portal – YouTube. The type of campaign you choose should depend on the results you want to achieve. In the case of image campaigns, video ads and display campaigns will be perfect. In turn, if you’re interested in increasing your sales results, you might want to opt for a Google text ad based on the CPC model. Thanks to it, increasing the company’s revenues is certain. There are many ways to advertise on the internet. A very good procedure is to divide the budget into a display and search engine and check what works best in a specific industry.

Marketing agency – help?

It’s good to know that the online marketing agency will help you choose the type and range of advertised ads, as well as their intensity to the financial resources at our disposal. In addition, the owner of the company does not have to deal with inventing advertising slogans, graphics or time-consuming optimization. The experience and knowledge of marketing specialists will allow you to spend your budget effectively.

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