Virtual marketing assistant in 2020 – what does he do?

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Virtual marketing assistant in 2020 – what does he do?

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Running your own company is associated with a huge number of daily duties and formalities to fulfill. Every day you need to have a number of conversations with subordinates, colleagues and strategic partners. Unfortunately, the day has only 24 hours, so often it is not enough time to perform certain duties.

Fortunately, in 2020 the activity of companies can be supported by a virtual marketing assistant. Who exactly are virtual marketing assistants? Why is it worth using their services? We answer all these questions in today’s article.

Virtual marketing assistant – who is this?

Having your own business is a heavy piece of bread. Everyone who has ever had their own business realizes that there are often so many daily tasks that there are big problems with their efficient implementation. If your business absorbs all our attention 24 hours a day, it is a sign that you should opt for the help of a professional virtual marketing assistant.

A virtual marketing assistant is a person who provides a variety of services to specialized companies, bloggers and freelancers, who are overwhelmed by too many daily duties. The profession of a personal assistant has been known for a very long time, but its capabilities are still not sufficiently appreciated by the presidents and specialists of individual industries.

A virtual assistant is an employee who can perform all his duties remotely. He can be responsible for organizational and financial matters, and virtually all other simple tasks that will relieve the entire company, boss or individual teams in the company in any way. If necessary, he will take over as a secretary, board assistant or any other person who cannot be at work at the moment.

What tasks do virtual marketing assistants do?

The number of tasks that can be entrusted to virtual assistants is extremely long and there is no end. Examples of competences of such employees include, first of all:

  • marketing strategy researching and planning,
  • preparing offers and promotional materials for the company,
  • maintaining company profiles in social media,
  • offering consultancy services to the company’s management board,
  • customer acquisition,
  • content marketing and text translation,
  • creating campaigns in Social Media or Google Ads,
  • tedious and time-consuming company processes.

As you can see, a virtual assistant can be a really valuable help for a company. The number of tasks that can be entrusted to him is practically unlimited. It all depends, of course, on what competencies will be included in the contract between the virtual assistant and the employer.

marketing assistant virtual working outsourcing work

When should you use the services of a virtual marketing assistant?

Hiring a virtual marketing assistant is a great idea if you don’t want to do everyday tasks by yourself. Every morning you wake up overwhelmed by the huge number of tasks you have to complete? This is one of the signals that the help of a virtual marketing assistant will definitely be useful to you.

Using a virtual assistant is also a great solution when you want to save money. Hiring an employee for a place under an employment contract involves enormous costs – paying ZUS and taxes can kill small businesses. Virtual assistant means much lower costs. We can employ him for an hour for clearly defined business tasks.

People performing this type of work do not have to pay sickness benefits, pay taxes or offer employee benefits. When one employee is employed, it is also necessary to organize trainings for him in which he will learn how to perform specific tasks. Instead of paying for such training, it is better to employ several virtual marketing assistants who know their trade well, while at the same time labor costs will be much lower.

The virtual assistant will also work if you have organizational problems. A customer called you asking for an offer. You were supposed to send him an email but you forgot about it? Have you forgotten about an important meeting with business partners? These are further signals that prove that the help of a virtual assistant can be invaluable in your company.

Virtual marketing assistant is also a huge time saver

Finding a good employee to help in a company is not easy and usually takes an extremely long time. At the very beginning you have to place an advertisement, wait for applications, and then view them with great accuracy. Later, you still need to interview all people who have passed the first stage of recruitment. Selecting two or three people from a wide range of candidates is not easy.

Instead of wasting time looking for employees, it is much better to opt for a virtual assistant. In this way, we will save a lot of time and money, and its credibility can be quickly verified by entering its website and reviewing the references of its existing customers.

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