Website positioning via linkbuilding – is it still worth it?

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Website positioning via linkbuilding – is it still worth it?

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Positioning the page through linkbuilding is the acquisition of links that lead to a given website from other domains. Linking is one of the most important factors affecting the position of a given page in Google search results. What exactly is linkbuilding and is it worth using it to position the site in 2019? We answer this question in the following article. We invite you to read!

Linkbuilding the off-page SEO

SEO is a series of activities that are divided into two areas. They are as follows:

  1. On-page SEO – these are all activities that are performed on the website (content publication, optimization, etc.),
  2. Off-page SEO – a number of activities carried out outside the website – above all, the acquisition of links, or linkbuilding.

If we want our website to be high in the search results, we need to look after the two areas described above. Linkbuilding is a process that comes down to getting as many links as possible that will connect to our website. So most often for this purpose increasingly popular sponsored articles are used, for which we pay the owner of the chosen domain. Such an article contains a smuggled link to our site, and at the same time contains a number of information useful to readers. Another form of linking is, for example, word-of-mouth marketing on forums, investing in comments on blogs and portals. It is worth remembering that linkbuilding should use domain owners with an established position with sufficiently high budgets. We strongly advise against linkbuilding investments in the case of catalogs.

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Link – what is it?

Link is a hypertext link that, by clicking, takes us to a specific website. So links have long played a significant role in the process of positioning in Google. Initially, the basis for determining the order of search results in Google was the algorithm called Page Rank. Page Rank on each page assigns scores from 1 to 10. If a large number of high-quality links refers to a page, then it certainly has a high PR. This, in turn, translates to a higher position in Google search results.

Some time ago, some people abused this mechanism – they artificially increased Page Rank to their sites through automated spammer linking tactics. Google is increasingly combating this type of fraud, which means that illegal practices are detected much faster today. Pages that continually abuse such unlawful practices are punished by a reduction in their visibility in search results.

Where is it worth having strong positioning links?

Every domain owner is wondering where start positioning via linkbuilding, so we present the most important places:

  • local and regional media websites,
  • specialist websites,
  • websites run by bloggers,
  • forums in accordance with the subject of the given portal,
  • event sites in which the given company, websites of scientific institutions and all public institutions,
  • websites of non-governmental organizations participate.

Of course, this is just a loose proposition. In fact, it may happen that one of these sites, instead of supporting the positioning of our domain, will work just the opposite. For this purpose, all domains are worth controlling with tools like Senuto or Semstorm. They allow you to verify whether a given site is a good source for positioning. It’s also worth checking out a company that offers internet marketing services. If the offer offers a massive linking to the catalog links – we already know that it is better to not approach them.

Links are not everything

Investing in high quality links is just one of the practices that web site owners should invest in. Great emphasis should also be placed on ensuring that the website is properly optimized and contains high quality content (content marketing). Creating a company blog is nowadays a real “must have” for any company that wants to gain a wide range of clients. A high position in the search results can only be obtained if the on-page SEO and off-page SEO activities are combined. However, it is worth getting interested in links, but only valuable ones. Better one solid link than dozens of websites like business catalogs.

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