What is cold mailing and how to acquire databases?

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January 20, 2019
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What is cold mailing and how to acquire databases?

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In the B2B isector, contact networks are very often used. Positive relations with all business partners and gaining new ones is a priority for many people running a business. In the article below, we present cold mailing, which is one of the most effective forms of communication with clients, and we suggest how to acquire customer bases. We invite you to read!

Cold mailing – what is it?

Cold email is a form of contact with a potential customer of our company. This is the type of message that is most often directed to potential customers with whom you have not previously corresponded or have not received information from us for a long time. The purpose of such a message can be, for example, deepening business relationships, offering sales or services or answering a specific topic.

So it is an e-mail that invites you to cooperate or is intended to inform the recipient about the type of services / goods we have on offer. A very important feature of cold mailing is the fact that in this type of messages a personal form is used – we turn to them in a specific person in a given case. It’s good to know that for cold mailing to be effective, using only personal forms is not enough. You must also remember about many other issues.

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What tool to use for cold mailing?

There are a number of tools dedicated to email marketing on the market. However, if we want cold mailing only, we recommend Woodpecker first.

We use our own mailboxes and the cost is relatively lower than classic tools that are also used for mass mailing.

What a cold email must contain?

The topic of the message plays a very important role – ideally when it is personalized. In addition, the e-mail must contain short and reliable information about the sender. The cold mail must then contain content about the company in which the recipient works. Later, please explain in which case we are writing an email – however, this can not be a commercial offer.

Cold mail must also contain a call to action that will be short and understandable. This may be, for example, a request for a phone call or a meeting proposal. We end the e-mail with the footer, which will contain basic information about the sender’s company, e-mail address and other credentials.

Cold mailing – is it legal?

The answer to this question is yes, but under certain conditions. You have to remember to meet certain conditions. First of all, you should know that Polish and European law does not allow sending unsolicited commercial information to Internet users who have not agreed to it. Cold mailing campaigns carried out in this way are doomed to failure.

These types of activities may also be considered as spam – this is tantamount to the fact that the sender may be held liable for non-compliance with the telecommunications law and the act on the provision of services by electronic means. It’s also worth knowing that various lawyers can variously determine the legality of coldmailing activities.

While maintaining common sense, compliance with the GDP and prudence, it is easy to get satisfactory business results and high ROI through this method. To be 100% legal in cold mailing, you can not send it to addresses obtained in an illegal manner. The first message may not contain the offer of the company, but only gently present the matter and the proposal of a telephone conversation or meeting. If the recipient agrees, then you can send him an offer.

How to create a large mailing base?

Building a mailing list is the most important step towards cold mailing. It is worth using a lot of available methods of obtaining e-mail addresses – then the actions will be effective.

The first method for building a mailing base can be creating a blog and running content marketing activities. It is a strategy based on acquiring customers through publications containing information that potential clients are looking for. On such a blog you should place a subscription form for the newsletter – some people who read the blog and value its substantive value, will certainly be enrolled on the mailing list.

The next method can be to collect contacts through Facebook. It is enough to sometimes have a small incentive, a gift or a rebate to make these letters grow very quickly. Advertisements on Facebook allow you to reach a specific target group. This method is extremely effective. A lot of entrepreneurs value it. You can also collect such addresses in many other ways not necessarily online.


When planning cold mailing activities, messages should be carefully prepared for customers. It is equally important to create a wide mailing list – using the above methods will certainly be very simple. Do not forget about segmentation, there is nothing worse than missing or too general content.

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