What is remarketing and how does it work?

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What is remarketing and how does it work?

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Good business advertising on the web is the key. For this reason, every entrepreneur sooner or later decides on advertising campaigns on the Internet.

Advertising in search is an extremely popular tool. However, not everyone has heard about remarketing. Each ppc agency effectively helps to implement solutions of this type. So what is remarketing and how to use it? These questions will be answered in the following article. We invite you to read!

Remarketing – what is it?

Remarketing is a concept that is often mentioned when campaigns are organized via Google Ads. It is worth knowing that there is a lot of possibilities in this service. This service allows you to reach huge amounts of customers who have visited our website once.

Imagine that a young mother is looking for one of the online prams on the website, but she was not interested in its offer. Remarketing will show her advertisements of this store all over the internet. This is an incentive to visit the site again and re-interest in the services provided by the store. Remarketing ads are displayed in advertising networks of Google partners, ie known websites such as YouTube, interia.pl, wp.pl, and so on. You can not miss these ads because Google Ads associates the largest number of partners. They reach up to 92% of Polish Users.
Another feature of remarketing is the fact that most of the ads are graphic campaigns, i.e. so-called banners. There is also the possibility of using video or multimedia ads. Generally, however, the most common ones are banners. This fact results from the fact that this type of advertising is associated with the relatively low preparation costs. Naturally, remarketing can also be based on text ads.

Remarketing functionality

Many people who are planning to start their adventure with remarketing, wonder how to get internet users who will be recipients of advertising. There is a technical solution for this, which consists in installing a simple code on the website. Thanks to this, it is possible to save every Internet user who visits our website “cookies” in the browser. As a consequence, every Internet user who visits the website is added to the remarketing list. People who are saved to such lists display dedicated graphic ads.

The moment they browse through various websites, they will see advertising banners. One of the great benefits of remarketing is the fact that it is possible to determine and control the number of impressions of each ad for people on the remarketing list.

Thanks to this, it is possible to avoid a very unfavorable phenomenon, which many Internet users often complain about. I am talking about the phenomenon of constantly displaying the same advertisements to an identical group of potential clients. Attacking Internet users in a continuous manner with the same message can bring very negative results.

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Remarketing time

In this respect, there is no unambiguous answer. The time of presence of one person in the database (one “cookie”) can be up to 540 days! The exact time depends on the individual settings of marketing lists reflecting the company’s strategy for promotion and reaching the client. Other list settings will be used when promoting the company and others when advertising the promotion. There may be different types of lists. Here are the most important of them:
-users who viewed the store’s offer (e.g. a specific product category),
-people who have made a purchase,
-customers who viewed promotions,
-customers who have given up the cart.
As you can see, the possibilities are whole. The most important thing is to formulate a suitably selected advertising message for each of these groups, which will correspond to their behavior on the website.

The cost of the remarketing campaign

Remarketing is usually cheaper in terms of cost-per-click and works great in getting sales. It is usually characterized by the highest conversion rate. Remarketing is one of the most important tools that allow you to reach a wide audience who is interested in a given brand. In my opinion, the remarketing campaign is the basis. It is part of a good campaign that should not be overlooked.

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