What is Woodpecker and how does it work? Woodpecker.co review

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What is Woodpecker and how does it work? Woodpecker.co review


Searching for an effective and efficient e-mail marketing solution or contact with leads and business partners is not easy. There are many professional solutions on the market that differ. One of the best e-mail automation tools is Woodpecker. Once and for all, forget about manually sending e-mails to hundreds of recipients and focus on automation. Check out the Woodpecker.co review.

What’s in the article?

What is Woodpecker tool?

Woodpecker is a simple SaaS mailing system (Software as a Service) which automates all activities related to sending e-mails. At the same time, it allows you to personalize messages and create special dispatch scenarios, which is its big advantage.

Moreover, Woodpecker also presents statistics on the open and response rate, which allows you to optimize the content addressed to recipients. It also allows you to manage subscriber bases in a very transparent and convenient way.

Woodpecker is a tool for supporting sales, business relations and e-mail marketing, the use of which allows you to generate much greater income, attract a wide range of customers, all thanks to efficient communication with all interested parties. It is often used for the so-called cold mailing.

The tool supports sales and marketing activities. It allows you to easily stay in touch with your business contacts.

As a standard, Woodpecker can be tested for 14 days for free. However, by registering through our recommendation, you can get up to 30 days. The trial only starts when we send the first message in the mailing campaign. You do not need to enter your credit card details to set up a test account. The button below leads to the registration of an account with a 30-day trial period.

How does Woodpecker work? Woodpecker functionalities

All of the company’s employees responsible for customer acquisition can access the Woodpecker system and run mailing campaigns themselves. Everything works very much like an ordinary e-mail box.

The Woodpecker system is distinguished by its intuitiveness and adaptation to the needs of users. Sending messages does not take much time, and it is also possible to maintain full personalization. If the addressee responds positively to the received message, then the communication is transferred to the appropriate e-mail box, otherwise – follow-ups are launched, i.e. subsequent messages that can be set. We can also set the time after which this follow-up is to be sent.

Here are the most important features of Woodpecker in a nutshell:

  1. Automation of sending messages. Woodpecker clients can create automatic e-mails and follow-ups to a specific target group.
  2. Personalization of content. There are many ways to personalize your content to keep your messages accurate. You can personalize the most basic information, such as name and surname or company name, but also any text fragments.
  3. Integration with the any e-mail client. The tool can be integrated with various mailboxes, such as Gmail, Outlook, etc.
  4. Security at the highest level. The creators of Woodpecker focus on safety. For this purpose, solutions such as e-mail verification before shipment, duplicate detection, blacklist domains, detection of empty custom fields, etc. are used.
  5. Filtering data about customers and business partners. Creating communication based on specific information, e.g. the date of the last customer purchase or participation in a specific campaign. This allows the group of addressees to be perfectly matched to the e-mail campaign being implemented.
  6. The possibility of creating campaigns and carrying out individual mailings by all members of the company.
  7. Access to detailed statistics, including on open and response rates, click-through rate, bounce rate, and overall campaign progress.
  8. Import data from Excel, CSV files, import contacts.
  9. Option to edit downloaded data and work on the basis of contacts directly in the system.

How to configure Woodpecker software? 

First, we start by creating an account. As we mentioned above, the company offers a trial version to all interested parties for free. To set up a test account, all you need to do is complete a short form on the home page and confirm your e-mail address. Providing payment card details is not required.

A 30-day trial will allow us to get to know all the possibilities of the tool.

Then we will be asked to enter the first and last name, company name and create a password.

After completing the form, a message from Woodpecker with an activation link will be sent to our e-mail address. After activating the account, we will be able to use all the functionalities offered by the tool. The company will also send us a message with valuable tips that will help you use the software efficiently.

After logging in, we will also be able to watch a five-minute instructional video, which includes a tutorial on how to create your first mailing campaign in Woodpecker. When we watch this movie, integrate the program with e-mail and plan the campaign implementation.

Woodpecker integration with e-mail

To integrate Woodpecker with e-mail, you only need to follow a few simple steps. The important information is that the tool can be configured with any mailbox using the IMAP protocol. In addition, there are several ready-made configurations – it is available for mailboxes in Gmail, Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange.

Most often, the “automatic” option is sufficient.

The setup process is simple. When we provide all the necessary data, we will be asked to complete the basic information. You don’t have to do it right away – you can come back to it later.

Once Woodpecker has added our email address, he will send us a test email. When the verification is successful, you can add a footer, which will be visible in all messages we send.

First e-mail campaign on Woodpecker.co – step by step software instructions

In the trial version, you can send a maximum of 150 messages. This number includes both the first messages and subsequent follow-ups (i.e. messages that we set in the scenario).

In order to be able to plan your first e-mail campaign, you must first make a list of addresses to which we will send messages. E-mails can be added manually using the “Add manually” function or by importing a file from the csv or xslx / xls format (excel sheet). The list of addressees is created in the tab called “Prospects”.

Importing data takes literally moments. However, it is worth preparing the file in advance.

Now we can design the first mailing campaign. To do this, go to the “Campaigns” tab, which is located in the upper left corner. This is where you should give your campaign a title. It is worth knowing that the recipient of the message does not see it.

Here we set the content of the first message, the number of shipments per day, and the hours and days of shipments.

Here you can also select the e-mail from which specific messages are to be sent (you can have more than one mailbox on one account). In the discussed tab, you can also plan the content of the sent messages. All messages can be freely personalized by adding user fields such as name, company name, city, etc.

In addition to the first “welcome” e-mail, the test version of Woodpecker also allows you to plan as many as seven follow-ups. It is possible to precisely plan the shipping dates of each of them. If the user replies to the news at any point, the follow-up sequence will be paused.

We add additional conditions and further e-mails, i.e. followups. Finished.

Once we have completed the first shipment, we can look at the statistics. How to watch them? We go to the “Campaigns” tab and select the campaign that interests us. There, a detailed panel with data presented in a legible, graphic way will be launched. Woodpecker informs us about the number of messages sent, the number of people in the database, the percentage of defective recipients, the rate of open messages and the rate of replies provided.

From our point of view, the most important factor is the response rate. The program very precisely defines which contacts have already reacted to our correspondence. Thanks to this, it is possible to transfer active recipients to a separate group and prepare separate messages for them with a personalized message, e.g. thanks for using the offer or a discount voucher for subsequent purchases.

Clear and understandable appearance of the most important statistics.

Woodpecker pricing – how much does the tool cost?

How Much Does Woodpecker Cost? It is worth knowing that the exact price of the software depends on which offer we decide to use. The company has prepared several packages dedicated to various groups of entrepreneurs:

  1. Woodpecker Start-Up Price
    In this case, the Woodpecker price is $40 per month. In this package you gain access to all the most important functionalities that small businesses are sufficient to carry out effective mailing campaigns.
  2. Woodpecker Team Pro price
    Offer dedicated to companies with a larger team. The price is $50 per month.
  3. Woodpecker Enterprise price
    Special for large companies. The price of this service is determined in the course of negotiations between consultants and representatives of the company.

The exact differences between the plans can be found here: Woodpecker Pricing

Update – 02/16/2021, New pricing on Woodpecker.co
The tool has introduced a new tool pricing, which allows you to adjust the cost of the tool to your needs – depending on the required functionalities. Thanks to this, the price starts from $ 32 per month.

The new Woodpecker pricing is available from February 2021.

Woodpecker review and opinion

Woodpecker is one of the best automated e-mail sending tools. Its unquestionable advantage is its intuitiveness and ease of use. The discussed solution saves a lot of time.

All interested parties have the opportunity to test the functionality of the Woodpecker program for free as part of a 30-day trial version from our partner recommendation. Integration with the mailbox takes only a few moments.

Users also gain access to detailed statistics on the effectiveness of implemented campaigns. Woodpecker messages are sent from the user’s mail, not from an external server, so they are not cataloged as offers. You can opt out of Woodpecker at any time without suffering any negative consequences.

Woodpecker – free trial

Anyone wondering whether Woodpecker is a good email sending tool can test the tool for 30 days for free first. As part of the trial version, you can send as many as 150 messages.

The free trial starts only when we send the first message as part of the cold mailing campaign. You do not need to enter your debit / credit card details to sign up for a free trial account with Woodpecker. An account with a 30-day trial can be created via the button below.

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