5 things you need to pay attention to when choosing an online marketing agency

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5 things you need to pay attention to when choosing an online marketing agency

5 things you need to pay attention to when choosing an online marketing agency

When searching for the best marketing agency, you need to pay attention to some extremely important factors, that can help you make the right choice. We will point out five of them, that are the most important ones.

1. The team, its competences, and its credibility

The company is made up of its employees, and that’s from where we want to start. Undoubtedly, it is worth verifying who they are – what’s their experience, what they are the best at, whether they have rare qualifications on the market or can they present their personal portfolio and certificates.

Thanks to this, we will know who will work on our project. It is worth asking about the experience of a marketing agency in this industry in which our campaign will be conducted – it will directly affect efficiency. Creativity is a key in the online marketing – if the solutions applied so far seem to be tailored to the needs of a specific customer, we are dealing with the right digital marketing agency. If it is possible, it is also worth contacting previous clients and asking them whether the actions taken were effective and whether the cooperation was favorable. This, as well as checking the recommendations and examples of digital projects will allow you to check the credibility of the company.

2. Own priorities

Specifying your own needs, related to an online marketing campaign, can affect the way how cooperation will go. The explanation is simple: another kind of works is needed to improve the awareness of your company, and another to support a project belonging to a company that is just starting its presence on the market.

Accurately defining your own priorities will not only make it easier to find the right marketing company but will also facilitate the entire service process. It is also necessary to hierarchize needs, which will also significantly improve the entire cooperation. This will also be an important element of verification because after presenting the priorities, the company’s representative should be able to present possible actions: marketing strategy and potential effects.

3. Campaign budget

Defining the budget is just as important as specifying the priorities in the campaign. By doing this way, not only will we manage effective spending control, but also slightly shorten the list of agencies among which we are looking for the right one. There are some on the market that can take care of,  for example, only large companies with high budgets, or those that specialize in small and medium-sized enterprises (eg on a regional scale).

The budget determination will also allow the agency to choose the most cost-effective channels for digital marketing communication, which can allow a maximum return on investment. It is sometimes worth such decisions (like the mentioned selection of promotion channels) to leave for a marketing agency. Its employees know very well where is the best to place funds or which channels to test in the first place.

4. Contact with the agency

Communication is very important when aiming for the success of the project, so it is worth noting from the first conversation how the marketing agency representative talks to us. He should be an active listener, from the beginning focused on proposing solutions suitable for specific needs.

In addition, you must select the appropriate form of contact – by phone, e-mail, video-conference or in the form of regular reports. Inquisition pays off and is a way of additional verification of the agency, so it is worth asking about the marketing tools or inspirations used. All ambiguities should be explained as early as possible – remember that cooperation requires a dialogue and sometimes compromise.

5. Form of commitment

After selecting the agency, pay attention to the elements of the signed cooperation agreement, unless you work under a contract for specific work. In the first case – the agreement should specify the subject of the order, along with the methods and stages of its implementation. It must specify the person with whom contact will be maintained at these stages, as well as technical requirements related to the project. It’s also an important element is the determine a specified budget.

However, this is not the end – it will be necessary to find out what are the penalties for an early breaking of the contract and on what terms the settlement takes place. Shifts of deadlines or changes in strategy in this industry happen very often, however, it should be kept in mind that every delay made by marketing agency must be explained.

Choosing the best marketing agency is not easy and has a huge impact on the effectiveness of your campaigns on the web. By paying attention to these five elements, we can be sure that the cooperation will be favorable. But on the other hand… you can always contact us.

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