The first 5 steps when starting an adventure with online marketing

Is the marketing department in the company a necessity
Is the marketing department in the company a necessity?
July 31, 2018
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The first 5 steps when starting an adventure with online marketing

The first 5 steps when starting an adventure with online marketing

In the context of the ongoing virtualization and digitization of our lives, the traditional means of reaching customers have ceased to be enough. Currently, online advertising is not only an addition to the marketing strategy but its inherent element. In many industries, the success of our company depends on determining the right strategy and selecting the promotion channels. Below are the five steps which you have to remember when running your first online campaign.

1. Choose the best digital marketing agency

Although online marketing may seem simple at first, running a successful online campaign requires considerable and diverse competencies. In particular, at the early stage of company development, it is worth using the services of an experienced marketing agency or marketing freelancers. At the very beginning, however, it may turn out that specialists in this field will start using many complex marketing concepts and definitions that you have never heard of before. A good agency will take time to explain everything to you. However, if you like to develop your knowledge and have a broader perspective on the whole process, we can recommend you a short but very substantial, free online training for entrepreneurs: Internet Revolutions with Google.

2. Set the strategy

Before starting an online campaign, it is worth determining and refining the marketing strategy. It will depend on the company itself, market structure, opportunities, threats, and competition activities. The elements of a well-thought-out strategy are: goals, metrics (methods for measuring the success of the strategy), quantitative and qualitative analysis. Having clearly defined goals, conditions and restrictions (both internal and external) we can proceed to the next stage. If you do not have a clearly defined strategy, do not worry about it. The agency’s job is to help you with this. All you have to do is fill in a brief, in which you will share your needs with the agency and it will conduct a series of analyzes for you: analysis of your competition, SOSTAC analysis, RACE method also personas will be created to describe your potential clients and much more. All this will help you to carry out a coherent and effective promotional campaign.

3. Select the promotion channels

Which marketing channel to choose to promote my product? This is a very complex question. We can choose among eg: optimization of the website in search engines (SEO), paid advertising campaigns in the search engines, social media promotions, cooperation with influencers or e-mail marketing. Is the product new or already known on the market? Do we operate in the B2B or B2C segment? Who is the target group? If we bend over these questions appropriately, our campaign will be way more effective. A well-targeted target group is a key to the success of the digital campaign.

4. Analyze the competition

The basic element of the developing business and creation of online campaigns is the observation of the behavior of the strongest competitors. Thanks to this knowledge, we can prepare an attractive offer. Subscribe to the mailing list of the store, observe visibility in search engines, monitor their social media. It is also worth knowing what marketing communication channels are used by rivals and how much they invest in them.

5. Act with iteration – means with what?

The dizzying pace of technological change makes it increasingly a challenge to stay up to date with current trends. If you want your campaign to be successful, always check what you have done and try to make it better next time. In short, the process of iteration consists of regularly obtaining feedback – look “backward” on the entire process, and then adapt and improve as soon as possible.

Remember that monitoring the results obtained in the previous iteration allows you to better plan our activities at subsequent stages.

And now think about it … Do you definitely want to act alone or do you prefer to create with us a team, that will achieve the true digital success of your company?

Robert z
Robert z
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