Is it worth to invest in email marketing campaigns in 2019?

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Is it worth to invest in email marketing campaigns in 2019?

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Email marketing is a tool that has existed practically since the dawn of the internet. Many entrepreneurs wonder if email marketing is still a good channel to invest in.

Despite the fact that the GDPR has caused marketers’ expenses on this form of promotion to decrease, at the same time the efficiency of email marketing has significantly increased.

In this article we discuss the most important advantages of this timeless online marketing tool. We invite you to read carefully!

E-mail marketing – it’s worth it!

As statistics show, the number of emails sent worldwide increases year by year. Experts predict that 333.2 billion emails per day will be written in 2022.

What does the issue of company e-mails look like? Many companies still create them, but a large part of such messages goes to the folder with SPAM. In turn, some Internet users completely ignore them or react negatively to them. For this reason, many entrepreneurs are wondering whether it is worth investing in email marketing in 2019. The answer is simple: of course it’s worth it.

The latest data show that the return on investment in email marketing campaigns increased from 30 pounds for each 1 pound allocated to such a campaign (data from 2016) to 32.28 pounds in the following year.

Email marketing campaigns are used by companies for a variety of purposes: business (generating the highest sales results), advertising and image (building relationships with customers and caring for awareness of the company).


The most important advantages of email marketing

Email marketing is a solution that is not only cheap and easy to use, but also very effective. The most important advantages of this solution are as follows:

  • Email marketing campaigns are much cheaper than TV or radio ads, while their performance is at a similar level,
  • Sending e-mails does not take much time – it is enough to prepare appropriate messages for a given database and enrich them with photos or GIFs,
  • Emails can be created at any place and time,
  • Creating emails is very easy – you don’t have to hire specialists for this staff,
  • Email marketing campaigns don’t harm the environment – no paper is needed to carry them out.

Basic goals in email marketing campaigns

E-mail marketing can be classified in several ways depending on what goal we want to achieve. The most common goals we can meet through email marketing are:

  • Acquiring a new customer (most often we use cold mailing for this purpose, from English cold mail) – this is a type of contact with a potential customer with whom we have never had email contact before.
    The purpose of such a message can be, for example, sales, getting a response to a specific topic. Generally speaking, this is an email in which we invite someone to cooperate. This is one of the most effective forms of internet marketing, which at a low cost allows you to gain many potential customers mainly in the B2B sector;
  • Increasing customer loyalty and awareness towards our company – mass mailing allows us to increase our contacts with customers. When messages are personalized and adapted to the characteristics of a given mailing group, customers will certainly appreciate such valuable content. These e-mails significantly help increase customer loyalty and build a positive image of the company;
  • Retaining current customer – retaining all current customers is not a simple matter to accomplish. Newsletter addressed to customers who have made a transaction at least once in our store must also be personalized. It is worth to refer, for example, to products or services ordered by a given client or his interests. This will keep the relationship and the client for many years;
  • Customer recovery – each company has a group of customers who have not used its services for a long time. It’s worth trying to regain their trust. The mass mailing campaign will be very helpful in this case. We especially recommend sending them some extremely beneficial offer – for example, a very high discount or free shipping.

Email marketing in 2019 continues to play an important role

In 2019, the development of an online business without email marketing can be very difficult. All statistics show that it is worth using the opportunities offered by email marketing. As many as 3 out of 4 Poles receive up to 20 promotional emails every day, and up to every second Pole makes a purchase under their influence. Email marketing in 2019 is an absolute priority!

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