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How will SEO change in 2019?

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Digital marketing is constantly changing. The article below presents the most important trends that can be expected in 2019. All entrepreneurs should be familiar with them – thanks to this they will be able to achieve the position of leaders in their industries thanks to digital marketing.

SEO – the most important changes for 2019

Every year there is a significant number of new technologies, and those existing all the time undergo various modifications and improvements. Search engines are increasingly focused on adapting to the needs of users using artificial intelligence. At this point, it’s worth adding that the Google tycoon responds to a larger number of queries in a direct way in the SERP, and the number of voice queries from month to month is increasing. Google insists that every internet user has access to the highest quality content. When breakthrough algorithms (eg Panda) were implemented, many websites had to improve the quality of the content they post.

Those who did not, had to deal with various consequences. This process will be deepened all the time: to get a high place in the search results, it is first of all necessary to create linguistic and credible content. This is the minimum necessary. In addition, you should also remember about issues such as the correct optimization of the site or the care for its proper promotion. This is why you should focus on quality rather than on “cheap tricks” which Google constantly recognizes and eliminates.seo in 2019 optimization and content

Priority? Security of Internet users

In each search engine, the first places on the list of results usually occupy pages with an appropriate level of user safety. I am talking about sites that use the HTTPS protocol. Parties that have not yet introduced it are marked as “dangerous” for Internet users. In order for the site to rank high in the ranking, it must take care of the safety of its users. Particularly important is the security of e-commerce websites. Internet users leave a lot of their personal data on them – they must be protected in a proper way.

To ensure an adequate level of personal data protection, the site must be equipped with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. This cipher ensures the security of user data and data encryption transmissions (between the PC device and the server). Optimization

Optimization – user convenience is very important

Users Experience plays an extremely important role – standards in this area are very important. The way the website is perceived by the Internet users is their experience. When the quality of the content posted there does not matter to the users, then it is certainly worth improving its optimization. The website must respond to the needs of Internet users. Of course, the most attention should be paid to the speed of page loading. In this area there are various tools – including PageSpeed ​​created by Google or GTmetrix. They are used to check the loading time of the website. In addition, by using them you can also conduct a free SEO audit – it makes it easy to get valuable information about your website. Thanks to them, the optimization of the website will be much simpler.

More often, the emphasis is also put on accelerating the loading of mobile websites. From year to year, mobile websites are increasingly visited. Responsive pages are now the standard. The above trend in 2019 will deepen because the mobile market is constantly strengthening its position. Tools such as AMP (technology enabling very fast rendering of websites and increasing the efficiency of the mobile network – thanks to it mobile pages load very quickly) and other modern applications make it possible to get a lot of new opportunities allowing a very beneficial acceleration of the website on mobile devices.

Summary – SEO in 2019

The trends described above will not revolutionize internet marketing. In 2019, the implementation of all these tools will be necessary to achieve success. It should be remembered that the site must have not only relevant content and graphic design. The security of users and the optimization of the website are equally important. The combination of all these factors results in achieving high positions in search engines.

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