Search engine advertising or website positioning – which one to start with?

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Search engine advertising or website positioning – which one to start with?

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Optimization of business processes in a company is a priority. All companies that want to achieve market success must invest in the online presence in the 21st century.

Today, it is no longer enough to create a website and post some dry information. Those who stop at such activities are always far behind the competition. The growing digitization of society means that companies, which are not in the first few Google search results, for a large proportion of Internet users “do not exist”.

In this article, we discuss two basic ways to get online: search engine advertising (Google Ads) and website positioning. We invite you to read carefully!

Search ads – the Google Ads system

The increase in sales that is today on the lips of all entrepreneurs. For example, the Google Ads system (formerly Google AdWords) helps us in this regard.

An advertising campaign in Google Ads is a way to significantly and quickly expand the customer base. The mechanism of action is simple. Let’s assume that the company is involved in the sale of mattresses. We can create a campaign with the slogan, eg “mattresses” and then our creations are in the first places (marked as ads). Importantly, you can pay for them in the CPC (cost per click) model.

The CPC model is that entrepreneurs pay Google for a click. This means that we only pay when internet users click the link and visit our website. In this model you do not pay for impressions.

Be creative when creating text at the top of the search list. It results from the fact that there are only (or as many as) three lines of text at our disposal. The skilful use of this space gives us a guarantee that we will encourage Internet users to visit our website and purchase our products or services.

Of course, remember that the marketing message corresponds to the content of the site. It is not justified to pay for an advertisement if its description has nothing to do with what is on the website. A marketing campaign conducted in a reasonable way will certainly bring the expected results. Importantly, the effects are visible immediately.

Online agencies are helpful in implementing Google Ads advertising campaigns. Any good web agency will help us adjust the campaign budget to our expectations, and will also prepare a marketing plan for us, which will contain all the guidelines for achieving individual sales goals.

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Website positioning – what is it and why is it worth to invest in it?

Search engine optimization is a continuous process that aims to get our site to the top of natural search results under specific phrases. Natural search results are all items that appear in the search engine without any fees. The Google uses a number of mechanisms that verify that a given page uses allowed positioning methods.

If the domain owner uses very aggressive techniques, there is a huge risk that Google will seriously weaken its position or exclude it from the search list. This situation can have very unpleasant consequences for a given entrepreneur – especially financial.

For this reason, it is so important to use the advice of specialists when planning positioning strategies. It would be best if a professional web agency with extensive experience in carrying out such activities would help us.

The main distinguishing feature of positioning is the fact that it is a continuous process – for it to bring any measurable results, it is necessary to constantly update the content so that it meets the requirements for the keywords used.

In addition, website optimization is extremely important. If the page loads quickly and works efficiently, it works in our favor. If we manage to position our website highly on several nationwide phrases, it gives us a huge advantage over our competitors, thanks to which sales profits will grow at an extremely fast pace.

When it comes to positioning, the cost of such a service depends on what goals we want to achieve – e.g. how many phrases do we want to position. The cost also depends on whether we will carry out positioning ourselves or decide to help the marketing agency.

Google Ads or website positioning – that is the question!

Many entrepreneurs wonder which method is better: Google Ads or website positioning? It all depends on what business goals we want to achieve, at what time and what budget we have.

If our primary goal is to get a wide range of customers as soon as possible and we have an unlimited budget, it’s worth focusing first on Google Ads.

In turn, by investing in positioning, we gain “capital for the future”. The position of our site will constantly rise up in the search results, which means that after some time Google Ads will no longer be needed so much. The decision on the use and scale of use of these solutions is best consulted with online marketing specialists.

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